We’re thrilled to announce that Harland Accountants is partnering with Fluidly, an industry-leading cashflow tool. Existing Xero clients will soon receive an invitation to view your cashflow forecast for free in Fluidly. Given the exceptional times we find ourselves in, we believe this will be of great benefit.

What is Fluidly?

Fluidly helps small businesses sleep better at night by automatically generating a 90-day cashflow forecast, so you can anticipate what’s coming ahead. It also helps you prioritise which invoices to chase.

How does it work?

As time is of the essence, we’ve already connected accounting software to Fluidly.  Fluidly is an approved partner of Xero and takes its GDPR responsibilities seriously and your data is kept private and secure. If you would like us to disconnect Fluidly from your software, please let us know.

Fluidly works by using artificial intelligence to identify patterns in historical accounting data and generates a 90-day cashflow forecast.  Fluidly makes it easy to look further ahead. Now, we know that in current times, the past isn’t necessarily an accurate measure of the future, so you are able to change the assumptions that the software makes, account for more difficult times, patterns and behaviours that are particular to you.

Your Fluidly invitation is coming soon

You’ll receive an email from Fluidly in the next couple of days, allowing you to view your cashflow forecast. In the meantime, this one minute video will tell you more about using Fluidly.

Additionally, we are offering all clients a one hour free consultation to familiarise themselves with Fluidly and get themselves set up, armed and ready. Please contact your client manager to arrange a convenient time,

If you have any questions, please email us or contact support@fluidly.com.

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