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We strongly believe in empowering companies to create a better future for all

As award winning chartered accountants who advocate business for good, we strongly believe in empowering companies to create a better future for all, with the triple bottom line principles being at the heart of everything we do and focusing on clients who also share these values. We don’t just want to profit individuals, we want to sustainably grow businesses to benefit a greater good – be it their employees, charitable causes, community projects or the environment. Read more about our values here.

Harland is headed up by three directors: David Harland, Deborah Edwards and Martyn Olver, having originally been established in the 1980’s by David’s father, Michael Harland. Today we are a progressive, modern firm who embrace digital technology to support ambitious businesses across the UK. Based in beautiful coastal Cornwall, we are directly influenced by our stunning natural surroundings and take looking after our environment very seriously. Over the last few years we have reduced our paper consumption dramatically and are aiming to be plastic free in the near future too.

The directors passion and involvement with other socially minded organisations is deep founded – David is acting CEO of the Eden Project and Deborah is Finance Director at Crowdfunder UK, so not your average practice accountants! Read more about our individual team members hereHaving worked hard to build a team with low staff turnover and who share the core values of business for good, we deliver a magnitude of accounting services to support your business on both a day-to-day and long-term basis. We take quality control extremely seriously and to uphold the consistent high level of advice we deliver to you, we ensure 3 things:

Firstly, all our team are either qualified accountants, tax advisors, accounts technicians or are training towards a recognised industry qualification (alarmingly, this is not a legal requirement to call yourself an accountant). But as a Harland client, you’re in safe hands.

Secondly, we are registered with the ICAEW (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) who ensure the highest possible standard in the accounting industry. Our membership with this body enables us to have the correct skills and relevant, up-to-date knowledge to serve you. If something in the accounting world changes, you can rest assured we will know about it first.

And thirdly, we practise what we preach – our directors are true British Entrepreneurs in their own right, who really have achieved great things. They bring to Harland a unique perspective and business skill-set acquired through many years of hands-on, business experience. So, with such a unique and experienced skill-set, the expertise we have in finance really could be critical to the success of your business.

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“You can’t succeed in business by standing on the side-lines, you have to completely understand the blood that flows through a company and be prepared to immerse yourself in it.”

Deborah Edwards

Who we work with

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, if you have big ambitions, you need an accountant with the same outlook. We are forward-thinking accountants, working every day with dynamic businesses to help them realise their goals.

Why Choose a Chartered Accountant?​

Accountant vs Chartered Accountant

Did you know that legally anyone can call themselves an accountant? Yes, frightening isn’t it!? You put your livelihood and financial trust into the guidance of someone who doesn’t actually hold any qualifications.

But to be a chartered accountant that person must spend a minimum 3 years completing in-depth training, examinations and hold a practice certificate. Chartered accountants are committed to continued professional development and regularly keep their skills up to date and relevant. If the law changes, your chartered accountant will know about it! As well as abiding to a strict code of ethics and disciplinary procedures upheld by the governing body, The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. The letters ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant), ACCA (Associate Certified Chartered Accountant), or FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) do not come lightly.

Here at Harland we are extremely proud be registered with both the ICAEW and the ACCA and to have a team where everyone is either qualified, or working towards their qualifications. 

You wouldn’t trust an unqualified doctor to look after your health, so why would you let an unqualified accountant look after your business?

How We Work

Step 1

Harland offer surprise free, fixed fees

Fixed Fees

First off, we’ll discuss your accounting needs and agree a fixed fee with you. This is then split into manageable payments and paid by direct debit. Simple, convenient and most importantly surprise-free.

Step 2

Harland use cloud technology

Cloud Technology

Next, we’ll get your business set-up using cloud-based, real time technology. It's a powerful tool knowing your business in real time and better yet, we’ll be on hand to tell you what all the data means.

Step 3

Harland take the time to get to know your business

Your Business

We take the time to understand both your values and short/long-term financial goals. After a deep dive into your accounts data, we'll help identify opportunities to future proof your business.

Step 4

Harland strive for continued collaboration with clients

Continued Collaboration

You'll receive regular business health checks and support from your client manager who is passionate about working collaboratively to build a value-adding partnership.


How We Live Our Values Every Day

We strive to be socially conscious and believe businesses who act with kindness are simply better businesses. That’s why we’ve developed the #harlandgivesback programme. Throughout the year, a different team member devotes a day of their time to helping a different charitable cause, community or environmental project. Check out our individual team profiles to see who each member is supporting.

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