HMRC Tax Investigation: Navigating Expectations and Preparation Tips

HMRC Tax Investigation: Navigating Expectations and Preparation Tips

Facing an HMRC tax investigation can be a daunting experience, but as a Harland client we’ll support you every step of the way. Although HMRC has the authority to scrutinise your financial records, being well-prepared with specialist insurance and supported by our team of experts, can make the experience more manageable.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that a tax investigation does not necessarily imply wrongdoing. HMRC conducts investigations for various reasons, ranging from random selection to specific concerns about potential tax evasion. Regardless of the trigger, cooperation and transparency are key.

We strongly recommend our clients taking out specialist tax investigation insurance to cover against any fees that result from in-depth data being collected for the investigators (which can be a big job). Scroll to the bottom of this article for details about which policy we recommend.

What to expect

When facing an HMRC tax investigation, individuals and businesses should expect a thorough examination of financial records, including income, expenses, and other relevant transactions. This process may involve requests for documentation, interviews, and discussions about the nature of the business or individual financial affairs. It’s crucial to respond promptly and provide accurate information to demonstrate cooperation.

How to prepare

Keeping meticulous records of financial transactions is essential and can expedite the investigation process. As your accountants, we can provide invaluable support during an HMRC tax investigation, offering guidance on navigating complex tax regulations, ensuring that all necessary information is provided, and helping to present a strong case for compliance.

Tax investigation insurance

There are 300,000 HMRC investigations a year (around 1 in 10), which generally means every taxpayer (or rather, every self employed person), will get inspected at least once within a ten year period. A statistic not commonly known. We strongly advise all our clients to take out specialist ‘Taxwise’ insurance, particularly as from the moment your policy starts, not only are you covered for that tax year, but you will be covered for ALL previous financial years too. 


While an HMRC tax investigation may be a stressful experience, being well-prepared and cooperative can significantly ease the process. By maintaining accurate records, having ‘Taxwise’ insurance, and seeking our professional guidance, we can navigate the investigation together with minimal stress and maximum confidence.

Next steps ...

Liz Webb, Tax investigation insurance expert

Taxwise insurance can reduce the stress involved in an HMRC tax investigation and give you piece of mind you won’t be footing a large bill if/when HMRC come knocking. Our Taxwise expert is Liz, so drop her an email or give her a quick call. She’s on-hand to get you set-up and sorted.

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